Small House, Big Family: Carving Out a New Room Without Extending


That home that accommodated you perfectly as newlyweds is probably not the home you need with a growing household.  With another baby on the way, adding an extra room without drastically changing the footprint of your home is a real bonus. When you look all around your home, up and down, you may find you have more room for rooms than you think! The good news is, using the basement, the attic or the height of your home to increase space doesn't involve a lot of work nor does it require extensive structural engineering work.

From an attic to bedroom

Turning the attic into a bedroom is a practical and an easily doable task. By tapping into your old paper storage room, you can carve out a bedroom just as comfortable as your master suite. This way you can reserve your downstairs bedroom for the newest member of the family.

You can also turn the attic into the ultimate kids' bedroom. Just like the tree house your kids adore so much, an attic bedroom is a perfect sleepover and hideout space.

From a cold basement to a family retreat

Remember the basement you never finished? You can turn this space, right under your feet, into family retreat, an entertainment space or a play room. This rustic looking room can be a family gathering spot or a place where your kids can play together. Your basement can go from cobwebby to the ultimate bonus room.

Turn unused kitchen space into a smart homework station

With a new baby on the way, you will have no time to clear backpacks cluttering up the dining area. A secluded area of your kitchen can turn into a studious atmosphere for school work. You can use some of the upper cabinets as storage for school and art supplies.

Add a bedroom above the garage

To top your extra bedroom wish list without a new footprint, a bedroom above your car's resting place is the ultimate choice. Although it presents a cost effective way to gain bedroom space, it also presents unique challenges in planning and construction that will require structural engineering expertise.

Add an elevated room over what is already there

If your house has the height, building into the roof could be the way to get a new storage room with very little disruption to your house. You can pack all those extra things from the baby shower up there where it can be accessed using a safe ladder.

You can work every bit if space in your house to accommodate the growing household.


1 August 2016

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