How to Spot a Dodgy Migration Agent


When applying for a visa to spend a predetermined (or open ended) amount of time in Australia, you might decide that you can submit the application yourself. If your application is somewhat complex for whatever reason, you might wish to use the services of a migration agent. While most migration agents are diligent and will work to the best of their abilities to have your application approved, you need to ensure that any potential agent is the best person for the job. Dodgy migration agents are hopefully something you will never have to deal with, and if you follow these basic tips, you probably never will.

Check Their Registration

Migration agents should be registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). MARA offers a searchable database, and this allows you to search by locality in order to find an agent close to you (which is a good way to get started if you don't know how to find an agent). If you have been referred to an agent by alternative means (such as word of mouth), you can also search for the agent by name using the database to verify their registration.

Be Wary of So-Called Guarantees

It can be arguably easier to use a migration agent to help with your application, particularly if your case is not all that straightforward. An agent will know the best type of visa to apply for, as well as knowing secondary routes of appeal if your initial application is unsuccessful. They can never guarantee that an application is successful, so this is something that you need to wary about (particularly since such so-called guarantees are only offered once you have paid a hefty fee).

Money to Be Paid

Of course, a migration agent will charge you a fee for their services, and yet this is the only money that needs to be paid directly to the agent. The cost of your visa application can be paid directly to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and this only needs to be paid when the actual application is lodged (it does not need to prepaid in any way). Dubious, unregistered agents might request that you pay the fee directly to them (potentially for dishonest purposes).

The Status of Your Application

It should be part of the agent's duties to follow up on the status of your application should any further action be required. You can request that the agent provides you with a copy of the confirmation letter that was generated when the application was submitted (and many agents will do this without being prompted). This is your proof that the application has been formally submitted. Online applications will automatically generate a Transaction Reference Number which acts as the confirmation.

These basic tips will allow you to choose the best possible migration agent, ensuring that your application has the best possible chance of success. For more information, contact companies like Fisa Pty Ltd.


27 March 2017

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