Personalise Your Recruiting Process to Get the Exact Skill Set


Education has evolved over the years and consistent changes within various education systems continue to produce fresh graduates from colleges and universities. All these graduates look forward to achieving something in life related to their careers. Your firm widely relies on the education dispensed to these graduates, personal abilities, and their personal commitment towards serving in your firm. With this in mind, graduates want to be associated with firms that are focused and vision driven. Vague job descriptions, impersonal emails that are not detailed and poor communication could be a turn off for your company. Candidates are looking out for more personalised interaction with the recruiting company during the recruiting process and a focused job opportunity. Guess work should never be an option when looking out for whom to hire in your firm. Use the following ways to personalise your recruiting process in order to get the best out of the young workforce on the outside.

Customised communication through email and phone


The nature in which communication is made in an organisation speaks huge volumes on its culture. Create a culture within your firm where you can reach out to your candidates on a regular basis. Communication may be done over a phone call or text message. Such interaction will give you the best candidates possible. Candidates are offered a more positive experience and by calling an interview you will have the best possible turn up.


Your hiring managers and recruiters always have thousands of people applying for the few positions available. They also have a saved database system that they can pull from. Customising all the emails to suit specifics may be a difficult task in this case. Therefore, you can train your human resource department to group all the potential candidates based on various factors. This may include their location where the emails could then be customised to send to each location group. Email software programs may also be used to spell out every candidate first and last name to sound more specific. Specific details encourage more responses and from such you could target the best candidates.

Provide Detailed Job Description

A candidate's first interaction with your company is through an advertised job description. Job descriptions should be detailed enough to give the candidate an actual sense of what the offer and the company is all about. Engaging headers with graphical images of the company and if possible a video might do well to present all the details from personal abilities to academic qualifications, roles and responsibilities, and mode of feedback. Vague and complicated job descriptions will paint an automatic negative impression of your firm.  

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17 April 2017

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