Why You Need a Good Broker If You Are to Import Certain Items to Australia


If you're planning to import a significant amount of goods to Australia, you will need to conform with some very complicated but onerous import regulations, especially if you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. You may not know it, but there are tens of thousands of individual regulations that govern a variety of products, especially animals and plants, and they are all designed to protect both the Australian biosphere and the agricultural industry. What do you need to know about these restrictions so that you can start planning accordingly?

Quarantine Restrictions

Even the most experienced business owners report difficulties when they import through customs, mostly because of the tough quarantine regulations enforced at every border. Largely, these rules are there to ensure that any soil and associated risks are not brought in when goods are imported, as seeds or insects could infiltrate the ecosystem with disastrous consequences.


If you import any living or dead plants, then they will be carefully inspected by a quarantine official at the port. If anything is deemed to be contaminated, it will either be destroyed or shipped back to its origin, and if you are involved in this situation, you would be liable for all the costs (which could be substantial).

Less Specific

In more general terms, you may be subject to additional inspections if you use certain types of supporting product to import some of your goods. Most notably, this can include shipping pallets, especially if they are made from timber or bamboo. In fact, not every port in the country is equipped for the appropriate inspection, so you will need to be careful when you plan your schedule.

Wooden Products

It pays to take steps before your shipment even leaves the remote port if any part of it involves timber. It is best if everything can be fumigated before the shipment departs its origin, and you will need a certificate to prove that this has been done. This may help you avoid the need for any fumigation procedure at the Australian border. Note that you may even face challenges if you plan to import fresh flowers, as while this may be allowed, it may also be prohibited if the flowers originate in a certain region.

Getting Expert Advice

With so much on the line and so many complications, it pays to get a licensed and experienced customs broker on your side before you begin. Contact custom brokers in your area to learn more about their services.


21 June 2018

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